New Mobility

New Mobility

Als IsarTiger Fan war es mir eine besondere Freude, die Livevisualisierung auf dem MobilityForum2019 machen zu dürfen. Hier mein Graphicrecording zum Thema Strategie und Umsetzung neuer Bedarfsverkehre im ÖPNV im HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility / Frankfurt).

Thomas Grazioli:

At door2door we take care of new mobility offers. As always with something new: innovations are more complex to explain in the beginning. At a lively customer event in May 2019, Beate helped to record a colourful agenda in a new format as ‚Graphic Recorder‘. Our customers had an interested look at this new approach and even took pictures of it during the event. As feedback we received that this helps to process the many impressions of the day. Beate prepared herself meticulously and even organized pens in the colours of our company. Clear recommendation and many thanks!